Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Still seeking a good hot dog bun...

Since we can't always get a gluten-free hot dog at the ballpark, I've been celebrating the opening of every baseball season by having hot dogs at home while I watch on TV.

Most hot dogs themselves are naturally gluten free but the problem continues to be the bun. There has been tremendous improvement in gluten-free hamburger buns, in my opinion, but for some reason the technology for gluten-free hot dog buns continues to elude us. They are generally awful.

I bought a package of Udi's buns, which were the only hot dog buns I could find in local stores this year. I checked Publix and Winn-Dixie, which both had them, and Walmart and Target, which didn't.

Gluten-free hot dog buns just seem too big and somewhat stale, which makes them overwhelm the actual hot dog meat. I microwaved these buns for about 15 seconds to soften them up, and it did seem to improve them a bit. But I still didn't like them.

But, I was determined to have hot dogs on Opening Day, and I did. Play ball!

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