Monday, April 29, 2013

Better onion rings at Epik Burger

I made a second visit to Epik Burger today. The first time I went, which was actually at a pre-opening event, I said the onion rings were thin and soft. However, since then, I talked to Korey Konopasek, the owner, and he said he finally got the onion rings recipe right.

He did. My onion rings today were big, thick and crispy. Yes, we have gluten-free onion rings in Jacksonville.

I also have to say I continue to be impressed with the buns. I got a regular burger today and, just like with my chicken sandwich the last time, the bun held together.

I met two other celiacs there today who were trying Epik Burger for the first time. They said they were enjoying their meals.

This is looking like a very good place for us. If you haven't found it, Epik Burger is on Atlantic Boulevard in a strip shopping mall at the intersection with Girvin Road.

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