Thursday, April 4, 2013

Larry's Giant Subs now offers gluten-free rolls throughout the chain

It seems like I keep getting a lot of good gluten-free news lately, and here's another one: Larry's Giant Subs is now offering subs on gluten-free rolls throughout the chain.

Larry's began testing the gluten-free rolls at four company-owned restaurants last fall, but now they are available throughout the system, Chairman and President Larry Raikes said.

Larry's gets its rolls from the Cookie Momsters bakery. Raikes said the company is going through 400 to 500 gluten-free rolls a week.

"It's catching on," he said.

Larry's does charge $2.25 extra for the gluten-free rolls, but Raikes said customers don't seem to mind paying extra. I'm one of those people. I'm just happy to be able to go out and get a gluten-free sub.

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