Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gluten-free buns and beer are back at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville

I spent Opening Day of the major league baseball season at home with my own gluten-free hot dogs (with Udi's buns) and beer.

But I also have some good news for those of you ready to go out to the ballpark. The Jacksonville Suns will once again have gluten-free dogs and beer, along with other gluten-free items, available at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville.

"We're going to have exactly the same thing we had last year," said Jamie Davis, the Suns' general manager for ballpark foods.

That means you can go up to the Sundowner Lounge, a bar and lounge inside the ballpark, and order hot dogs and beer.

Davis said the Suns got a pretty good response last year when they first offered the gluten-free items. The response was not big enough for the team to offer the gluten-free items at its regular concession stands, at least for now. They are only available in the Sundowner Lounge. But it least it looks like the gluten-free items are here to stay.

So take me out to the ballpark!

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