Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Epik Burger opens today

Epik Burger, a new Jacksonville restaurant that features burgers and a number of other sandwiches available on gluten-free buns, opens today.

I was able to attend a pre-opening event last night. As much as I've been looking forward to having a gluten-free burger, I decided to order a buffalo chicken sandwich because that's something I haven't been able to have in more than two years.

I was impressed by the gluten-free bun, because this was a very sloppy sandwich but the bun held it together.

The menu is impressive. In addition to a number of burgers you can order on a gluten-free bun, it also has chicken burgers, veggie burgers and a tuna burger you can order gluten free. There are a whole bunch of things on the menu that I'm looking forward to trying. You can check on the menu on their website at

Instead of fries, I of course ordered the gluten-free onion rings. I've only found gluten-free onion rings in one other place, Yeah Burger in Atlanta.

The rings were thin and soft -- I would have preferred crispy onion rings -- but they tasted good.

The restaurant is located in a strip shopping center on Atlantic Boulevard at the intersection of Girvin Road.

You'll want to check this place out.

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