Friday, October 11, 2013

I still don't care about Trader Joe's

One more observation about my recent trip to Chicago.

I made another visit to Trader Joe's while in Chicago. When rumors started that Trader Joe's was coming here, I wrote a post about how disappointed I was at the gluten-free offerings on previous visits to the Chicago store. But I decided to give it another chance last week.

The first thing I found was a gluten-free bread section. It had a bunch of Udi's products and one original that looked intriguing: a gluten-free "ryeless rye" bread.

Since I really miss rye bread, I picked up the package. It was basically like picking up a brick. No thank you.

My real mission at Trader Joe's was to find something for a light breakfast, like a gluten-free muffin or a breakfast bar. I didn't see anything so, standing in front of the breakfast bar section, I asked an employee if they had any gluten-free breakfast bars. "No."

I should have thrown the ryeless rye bread at her, but then I probably would have gotten arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

So anyway, Trader Joe's can come to Jacksonville. I just don't care.

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