Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jaguars say they're looking into the problems

After my appalling gluten-free experience at EverBank Field Sunday, the Jaguars tell me they're looking into the problems. I do believe they are taking it seriously.

I got a call yesterday from the guy who is in charge of the Bud Zone and some other food service areas, but not the hot dog stands.

I barely described the beer situation in my blog post on Monday, because that problem paled in comparison with hot dog stands serving people regular buns that they claimed were gluten free. But here is what happened: I asked for a gluten-free beer at two different bars in the Bud Zone and was told they had Angry Orchard cider, but no gluten-free beer.

According to Ari Tokar, director of operations for Levy Restaurants at the stadium, those bars were stocked with gluten-free beer! In fact, he said they each had 12 gluten-free bottles before the game and after the game, one of the bars still had 12 and the other had 11. So they only sold one.

Tokar said he couldn't understand why two different bartenders would not know about the gluten-free beers. But he will make sure that's corrected. He was not deterred by the fact that they only sold one gluten-free beer during the game. He will continue to stock it.

Unfortunately, Tokar does not have any role with the hot dog stands, although he completely sympathized with my concerns. I hope I will be hearing from the hot dog concessionaire soon.

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