Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Want a free box of Vanilla Chex cereal?

You probably already knew that Chex produces a line of cereals that are gluten free. It's hard to miss in the supermarket, because the boxes have a big "gluten free" label on the front of the box.

Chex has added a new gluten-free flavor, Vanilla Chex, and the company was kind enough to send me some sample boxes.

It's good, but then again I like all of the Chex cereals. I generally always keep a box at home for a quick gluten-free breakfast, and I've probably tried them all at some time. I don't think I can rank them in order of preference.

Besides vanilla, the other gluten-free Chex brands are Rice, Corn, Honey Nut, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Apple Cinnamon.

I was able to pass out the free samples of Vanilla Chex last night at the monthly meeting of the Celiac Support Group of Jacksonville, and also some coupons for free boxes (You see, it pays to attend the meetings).

But I still have a few extra coupons available for free boxes of Vanilla Chex (up to $3.39 a box). If you'd like one, send me your address via e-mail ( and I'll send it to you. First come, first served.


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