Monday, September 15, 2014

Glutino offers good breakfast options

I received a box of Glutino breakfast bars to sample the other day but as it turned out, I happened to find another Glutino breakfast product in a store that same day that I liked even better: English muffins.

I've been on something of an English muffin kick lately for some reason and I don't think I ever saw Glutino's brand before, but then I found them in, of all places, Walmart. My local Walmart (Beach and San Pablo) suddenly has a really good gluten-free frozen food section, as well as a gluten-free shelf section, so I was able to try the English muffins for the first time, and I really like them.

I've actually had the breakfast bars before and I like those too. Glutino is promoting them now as a back-to-school item, but I like them as a travel item. I will pack breakfast bars for a quick and safe gluten-free breakfast when I'm staying in a hotel for a few days.

Breakfast bars are also serving as my hurricane prep food. Before going gluten-free, I used to store a couple of boxes of Pop-Tarts every year through hurricane season as something filling that didn't need to be cooked if we were hit by a major storm. Fortunately, that's never happened, and we haven't even been threatened this year, but it's still nice to keep the breakfast bars around. Hurricane season isn't over yet.

Along with the breakfast bars, Glutino also sent a product I hadn't tried, pretzel chips. I enjoyed those too. I've always thought Glutino makes the best gluten-free pretzels, so I wasn't surprised I liked the chips.

All good stuff.

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