Monday, September 22, 2014

Papa Murphy's passes all the tests

I just had to try a Papa Murphy's pizza over the weekend, and I'll cut right to the chase: the pizza was great, and it seemed like the staff did everything possible to prevent cross-contamination.

I've never been to a Papa Murphy's before so I don't know if every store is the same, and I especially don't know if their gluten-free precautions are the same in every store. But I was very pleased with the response I got at the store on Hodges Boulevard, in the Publix shopping center just off of Butler Boulevard.

When I ordered a gluten-free pizza, they asked if I had an allergy. When I said yes, they not only went to the back to get a gluten-free crust, they also brought out fresh containers for all the ingredients, to make sure I was not getting any ingredients that might accidentally contain gluten.

This is basically the same procedure I've seen at chains like Your Pie and California Pizza Kitchen, which have documented gluten-free procedures.

Yes, they put this all together in the same space where other pizzas are prepared, but I really don't see how any gluten could have reached my pizza. Maybe there were specks of wheat flour in the air, but I felt pretty good about it.

Remember, Papa Murphy's pizzas are made to take home and bake in your own oven, so I didn't have to worry about cross-contamination there.

The pizza tasted great too, ranking as high (in my mind) as any other gluten-free pizza I've had.

My pizza with two ingredients cost $13, which I think was $11 plus $1 each for the toppings (it's not detailed on my receipt). This is a 12-inch pizza, so I thought it was a decent price for what I got.

So yes, if you were wondering, Papa Murphy's is a gluten-free pizza worth checking out.

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