Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Canyon Bakehouse my new favorite gluten-free bagel

I've been a fan of Canyon Bakehouse for a long time, since I first tried their hamburger buns. They were the first good gluten-free buns I could find when I started on my gluten-free diet more than four years ago.

So, when Canyon offered to send me samples of their new gluten-free bagels, of course I couldn't wait to try them. And they lived up to my expectations.

When I opened the box, I immediately caught the aroma of their Everything bagels, and it was the first time I can remember a gluten-free bagel smelling like the fresh-baked bagels I used to eat.

These turned out to be the first gluten-free bagels I've tried that taste good without toasting. My general rule with other gluten-free bagels is that I have to toast them almost to the point of burning them to get them to taste good.

Canyon also sent me their new plain bagels, which are also good, but it will be the Everything bagels that I will be eating in the future.

I haven't seen these in any stores yet. Target is carrying Canyon Bakehouse products, but I was in my local Target and didn't see them. Hopefully, we'll be seeing them on store shelves soon. These are now my favorite gluten-free bagels.


  1. The only place I've found Canyon Bakehouse products is Whole Foods.

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