Saturday, May 16, 2015

French fries are risky in a non-dedicated fryer

I received an interesting email from a reader after my Blind Rabbit review saying that you can't burn off the gluten in a fryer, no matter how hot it is.

The server there told me that their fryer is not dedicated to gluten-free foods, but it is hot enough to burn off the gluten. But he did say people who are very sensitive to gluten shouldn't try it.

As I said, I wasn't comfortable ordering the french fries after his explanation, and I wouldn't recommend a celiac trying them either.

But it's an interesting question: can french fries -- which are otherwise gluten free -- be made safe if they are cooked in a fryer where other gluten-containing food was cooked?

I found a really good post by the Gluten-Free Dietician on this topic. Her blog is very reliable, and she says no, you can't burn off the gluten, but there is still a question about whether french fries cooked in this oil will have less than 20 ppm of gluten anyway. She hasn't tested that, and I can't find any other source that tested that.

So, it is possible that these french fries are actually safe, but most people would recommend that you don't eat food that is cooked in a non-dedicated fryer.

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