Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Forget the Corner Taco truck

I've visited the Corner Taco restaurant in Five Points several times, but I had never had anything from the Corner Taco truck because I've never been in the same neighborhood.

But for the last few days, the truck has been parked in the St. Johns Town Center during lunchtime, so I decided to check it out today. And it was a complete disappointment. There was nothing gluten free available.

I was under the impression that you could get gluten-free tacos from the truck, and I know that most of the menu at the Five Points restaurant is gluten free, which opened after the truck was established. Maybe you could get gluten free tacos when the truck started operating, but I guess they stopped doing that.

The Corner Taco truck was parked at The Players Championship, so I went to check it out there, but then I saw the menu board said all tacos are served on flour tortillas. The line was too long for me to go up and talk to the people, and the truck wasn't parked very far from TacoLu's tent, which did have gluten-free options. So I figured maybe the Corner Taco truck was offering a limited menu at the golf tournament and I went on to TacoLu.

It was more discouraging today to see the "flour tortillas" sign again when I found the truck at Town Center. This time, I went up and asked and was told, no, they didn't have any corn tortillas.

I went instead to Chipotle, which does have gluten-free taco options, but it wasn't what I was hoping to eat for lunch.

I guess we have to forget about the Corner Taco truck.

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