Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Celebrating Celiac Awareness Month

On the back of the box of Glutino's Decadent Chocolate Cake mix, you'll find this message:

"The bad news: there is no cure for gluten sensitivity.
The good news: this cake is therapeutic."

Yes, those of us with celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity do have a lot to complain about but to mark Celiac Awareness Month, Glutino sent me a box filled with goodies to remind us that the gluten-free diet is not all that bad. The fact is, there are so many tasty products out there, and you'd never be able to tell the difference between the regular version and the gluten-free version.

My care package from Glutino included cake, cookie and pancake mixes, ready-to-eat cookies, pretzels and English muffins. All good stuff.

No, these are not a prescription for a healthy diet (and are a reminder that people who think it's healthier to eat gluten free are delusional), but they are a reminder that we can still have fun eating gluten free.

Some people's food blogs are about healthy eating. I refer to myself as a "glutton" for a reason. Yes, I do watch what I eat but I also indulge myself on occassion. Actually, on a lot of occassions.

So during Celiac Awareness Month, keep your spirits up. And eat well.

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