Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gluten-free stops in Tampa and Kissimmee

While I didn't find a lot of gluten-free stuff at the ballpark, I was able to enjoy two good gluten-free dinners at out-of-town restaurants during my spring training trip last week.

The first place I visited was Burger 21 in Tampa, a new chain that I've been looking forward to trying since I first read about it. Obviously, the attraction is gluten-free burgers and buns.

Burger 21 has a gluten-free menu that is more limited than its regular menu, but all I wanted was a burger and fries, so I was satisfied.

My friend who lives near this restaurant told me that he really liked the burgers and the french fries were so-so, and he was right. The french fries were okay, but nothing special. But it was a good burger and very satisfying to be able to have a burger and bun.

My second gluten-free meal was at Giordano's in Kissimmee. Giordano's was one of my favorite deep-dish pizza restaurants in Chicago, and several years back they expanded with a couple of restaurants near Disney. I used to plan trips through Florida so I would be in that area at mealtime so I could stop in for a Giordano's pizza.

That stopped a couple of years ago, obviously, but I was pleased to find out that Giordano's now offers a gluten-free thin crust pizza. It's not as enticing as deep dish, but I wanted to try it.

I really enjoyed the thin crust pizza. It seemed to have the same taste as the Giordano's deep dish pies I loved, just a thin crust. So I was happy.

My only disappointment with these meals was that neither place has gluten-free beer. Burger 21 does have Woodchuck cider on its gluten-free menu, but I wanted a beer.

Oh well.

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