Friday, March 29, 2013

Ale House has Omission beer

More good news on the gluten-free beer/sports bar front.

Miller's Jacksonville Ale House at the intersection of Beach and Hodges Boulevards now has Omission on its beer menu.

This is good news on two fronts. It's another place to watch sports with a gluten-free beer, and it's also the first restaurant or bar I've seen that's serving Omission, which has become a favorite of many gluten-free beer drinkers.

By the way, Omission will also be available at The Players Championship golf tournament in May.

The only downside to this news is that there's nothing I want to eat at the Ale House. It has a gluten-free menu, but I feel like telling them "why bother?"

You can get a steak or the seafood catch of the day, but everything else on the gluten-free menu is very unappealing. For example, you can order clams or oysters but the menu says "please order without cocktail sauce."

You can order a salad, but "please order with no salad dressing." Seriously???!!!!

Oh well, at least I can say this is the only place to drink a gluten-free beer and watch hockey -- the Ale House does offer the NHL Home Ice package.

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