Friday, March 1, 2013

Batting one for four on spring training games...

I'm pleased to report that, yes, I was able to get a gluten-free hot dog at the Phillies spring training ballpark in Clearwater, Fla.

The hot dog stand behind home plate offers the option of an Udi's bun with your hot dog. And they don't even charge extra for it!

The bun crumpled in my hands, naturally. But I was eating a hot dog at the ballpark!

On the downside, I didn't find gluten-free beer at the park but in fairness, I didn't look too hard. I had club seats for this game (yes, they have club seats at spring training games), and one feature of the club seats was free Bloody Marys and mimosas before the game. So I had a couple of mimosas and really didn't feel the need for beer.

I think mimosas - champagne and orange juice - are gluten free, right?

The rest of my spring training visits this week didn't work out so well. After finding nothing at the Braves ballpark at Disney earlier in the week, I also didn't find much at the Yankees' George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. But at least the Yankees have a Boar's Head stand where I was able to get a chef's salad. All of Boar's Head's stuff is gluten free, so this was good news. It was actually a very good and filling salad, but not necessarily what I had in mind for the ballpark.

My last stop was the Astros' ballpark in Kissimmee, which is also the smallest spring training park in Florida. I didn't expect to find anything there. I noticed they did offer "fresh garden salads" but I wasn't in the mood. I settled for a bag of peanuts again.

So far, Clearwater is the best gluten-free bet.

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