Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hard to go 'Way Back' with gluten-free pizza

I got an e-mail from Mellow Mushroom yesterday wanting me to write about its "Way Back Wednesday" celebration next Wednesday, Aug. 20.

The pizza chain is celebrating its 40th anniversary by offering prices from 1974. Unfortunately, Mellow Mushroom, or anywhere else for that matter, wasn't offering any gluten-free menu items 40 years ago so there's no Way Back pricing available for that. At least I'm pretty sure there was nowhere to go for gluten-free pizza in 1974.

Anyway, these are the specials Mellow Mushroom is offering:

Small Cheese Pizza- $2.50
PBR, Michelob and Budweiser- 75 cents
Coca-Cola Products- 30 cents

So, maybe your friends can go and enjoy the cheap pizza and beer. And you and I can go and order an expensive gluten-free pizza which a 30-cent Coke.

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